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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Staycation, pt. 4

I am not working on my own stuff nearly as much as I'd like to/ought to but I am eating well and having fun.
Tuesday, after the burrito, I walked over to the old Champs location, which is now a vegan market, Haymarket.

 Cozy interior. Makes you wonder how all those people ever fit into Champs, oh wait, they didn't.

        Stocked shelves. Most interesting were the Palm Frites (coconut fries) and jerky flavors.

chocolate chips, choc syrup, Dandies, Vegg, egg replacer, even vegan condoms for after smothering yr lover in the vegan chocolate syrup.
They also have a small baked goods counter. I got a vegan pain au chocolat!! I have been to France and enjoyed the pain au chocolats greatly, so I was skeptical but this was definitely flaky and delicious.

                    Had it for tea time with Angela Carter's book on pornography and power.

After I started chowing down. I warmed it in the oven for a few minutes before eating. It was slightly denser than I remember pain au chocolats being, but generous on the chocolate, which was appreciated.
I also picked up some of the hard, sliceable Treeline cashew cheese in the Cracked Pepper flavor. I've only seen the soft, spreadable Treeline at my nearest Whole Foods.

Ate it on some crackers. At first it was a little too acidic for me - almost straight up lemony, though the texture was good, but it grew on me. It could maybe use more pepper, but I'll try it in a salad or something and see if it's better.
Then, yesterday, I went to visit my friend Erica at her job at the Morbid Anatomy Museum, in Gowanus. I don't know how you all feel about that kind of stuff - there are taxidermied animals, formaldehyde-preserved cuties, two-headed cows, and the like, as well as human "curiosities." I won't post any photos so as to not offend anyone, but as I understand it, the museum itself doesn't buy the pieces; they are either donated or found. Erica is vegan and she's ok with the ethics, so I trust her. In any case, I find that sort of stuff pretty interesting. The museum also houses a small occult library and holds talks on various topics: magic, memorial jewelry, life after death, whatever.
We made a stop at the new Gowanus Whole Foods, talked about vegan food and candy, and on her recommendation, I picked up some vegan rice pudding, plus a few other things....

                                                                  goooood stuff.
So that was my staycation. I'm off Saturday also for a Feminist Zine Fair (if anyone is local, come!!) but I think next week is back to my regular schedule for a while. It's been fun.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Staycation, pt. 3

Bought this green Suja while at work but consumed at home. Really like it. No banana! Nice and slightly gingery too.

Spinach, adzuki beans, tomato, red cabbage, sauerkraut. Later doused in a spicy miso-tahini dressing.

Was in the city again, early Monday morning, for a doctor's appointment. In on the train, walked back over the Williamsburg Bridge. Thought about stopping for some coffee or something at Babycakes, but I didn't. Sorry.

I had bought this the other day too, and drank it when I got home, even after the cold walk. Very tasty.

Breakfasts seem to be getting most play on here lately, not sure why. This is always a solid one: gf toast, pb, apricot jam, banana slices, coffee.
I went to a friend's show Monday night and got back from that pretty late so I was lazy all day Tuesday. Had ideas of grocery shopping and food prep, but instead walked aimlessly until I realized that I needed a burrito.

Taco Chulo it was: Santa Cruz burrito with potatoes, radish, lettuce, black beans, salsa fresca, avocado, sauteed spinach, and tofu sour cream.
I ate half and walked around for a while until it started snowing and I went home to drink tea (and a treat I will get into tomorrow.)
So, it was a quiet day with a lot of reading. The snow turned to hail and I was torn about going to a show or not but last minute decided to take off the sweatpants, throw on some extra layers, lace up the boots and run out the door. I got slightly lost heading to the venue, as it's in a pretty dark and industrial part of town, then a car splashed me with slush but I got there only having missed one band (bummer, though - it was Belus, and they sounded fantastic.) But yeah, I'm SO glad I saw the show. I went for Bleed the Pigs,who are a grindcore band from Nashville. (PS, VVarg I think you would love BOTH bands.)

Yeah! A good time. Then I had to run back home, though, because the trains were going to stop running at 11:45. But I made it, went to my friend's place in the neighborhood for a few hours, and then walked back home to plop asleep. I am really glad to be taking in more of what the city offers, but it is draaaiiinnnnninggg. Also expensive.

Anyway, here is the breakfast I am currently munching: toasted blueberry cornbread, an orange, and coffee.
Tomorrow, delicious food and some more fun stuff hopefully.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Staycation pt. 2

My weekend is just beginning, suckers!! And today was pretty good. Leaving the house is good. Food is good.

Drank not-enough coffee at home, decided to buy this caffeinated Suja (thanks, Shen! Ya got me hooked again) at work on Friday. Yes, I do go to work sometimes.

         Also ate the slightly smushed espresso bean chocolate-covered Cocomels. Soo good.

The next day I was craving more Cocomels, but the store only sold these. They're good too. Shared some around.

         Dinner sandwich. Toasted GF bread, Tofurky, spinach, onion, avocado, mustard.

Saturday breakfast: toasted blueberry cornbread with Tofutti schmear. I can't eat bagels til Easter, but I had some leftover cc so I had to use it somehow!

salad for lunch: spinach, avocado, carrot, red cabbage, baked tofu with olive oil and ACV

Saturday night I went to see the REAL show that I mistakenly tried to attend last week, haha! I saw Casual Dots with OLDEST!! Casual Dots are riot grrrl/math rock? with members from Slant 6/Quix*o*tic and Bikini Kill; Oldest are kinda metal-y: Mick Barr (an incredible guitarist) and Brooks Headley (old school DC punk, played in Born Against and United Order of Armageddon - now he is pastry chef at fancy Del Posto!) It was SUCH a good show. Really awesome energy.

This morning I got home almost frustrated with hunger. Made a quick, simple smoothie: spinach, banana, coffee flavored protein powder, and almond milk....

                               and a piece of GF toast with peanut butter and apricot jam

Then I headed into the city for research and fun... The research part was going through the ABC No Rio zine library. ABC No Rio is a "collectively-run center for art and activism" and a "venue for oppositional culture" that's been on the Lower East Side since 1980. They have a silkscreening studio and darkroom as well as the zine library, and all-ages punk matinees on weekends. It's one of the raddest places in the city. Fun mural too.

As you can see, it snowed all day, but other stops in the city included Babeland, Bluestockings, a bar, and Economy Candy (I didn't buy any candy, if you can believe it.)

                                                       no one dining outside tonight...

When I got home, I made spaghetti and topped it with sauteed onions, garlic, tempeh, and collards. And sauce.
A good day. I hope to get out and about tomorrow too...but now to read and work on a new zine.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Staycation Pt. 1

OKay, so turns out vacations go really quickly??? Law of physics; time flies when you aren't at work. I feel like I didn't get all that much done, but here's some evidence of life:

                         Kashi Go Lean Crunch with banana and coffee with almond milk.

Was debilitated with cramps at least one day, there was lots of raspberry leaf tea (helps "the female system,") here soaking up good vibes on the altar.

Brownie from Rudy's. I managed to only eat half! The rest is in the freezer for an emergency, which I anticipate arising soon.

                            simple salad: baked tofu, tomatoes, carrot, spinach, lemon juice.

Turns out I didn't even need to buy the brownie though! Look what a magical fairy sent in the mail! Cocomels! Why don't they sell these near me??

                    I ate the sea salt ones first. So very, very, very good. Thank you magical fairy.

                                                     Did some hanging with the Hax.

morning smoothie! This was spinach, matcha, 1/2 a banana, frozen orange, lemon juice, almond milk, and protein powder.
Trader Joe's grocery haul. It had been so long since I'd been in there I was somehow not interested in buying a ton of stuff. Basics mostly: GF bread, jam, vitamins, crackers, lower sodium pistachios, sundried tomatoes, almond milk, coffee, dark chocolate cherries, (2) tempeh, tofu.

      Baked cornbread. With blueberries in it. That was part Raechel and part Ingrid.

 Was grateful to be home to see this sunset since most days I'm in a basement at that magic hour.

Hung out with my friend. He accidentally got someone else's fancy Wild Alaskan Salmon in his groceries so he gave it to me to give to Hax. She was pretty excited about that.

            Another smoothie. Spinach, frozen banana, blueberry, protein powder, lemon.

Got tattooed. This is the walk through McCarren park back to the train, in lieu of a picture of the still healing tattoo.

Then I ate a gigantic, delicious salad to help heal as soon as possible. This is spinach, red cabbage, avocado, tomato, sweet potato, and baked tofu with a tahini dressing.
And that was basically that. I'm meeting a friend for some drinks in a few; it's back to the grind tomorrow (though for only 3 days :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Boring Food bookended by ART

I'm on vacation! Well, I have a four day weekend twice this month, to break up the monotony. So hopefully there will be a fair amount of cooking projects, though I'm also working on as much visual art and creative writing as possible.

                                              This is what my desk looks like right now...
But I'm also going to try to explore the city a little bit more and share that with you. Like a mini MoFo! In the dead of winter!
But let's get the regular stuff out of the way first:

Raw collards, kidney beans, sweet potato. Srirached after the photo. Can we get that word in the dictionary, please?

From the vending machine at work! They are stepping up their game. Vegans are probably the only people who look at the stuff in a vending machine and go back to their desk to google the ingredients in a product before purchasing a snack. Such a hard life.

                                                 Quick breakfast. Cool roommate's mug.

Avo toast with black salt!, cayenne, and hemp seeds. Terri Romero posted a photo recently of some SERIOUSLY decked out avo toast with crushed pepitas, hemp seeds, nooch, spices, and oil but for now I think my version is good. (She is also writing a vegan protein book! which I am not.) Ooh, maybe I could add some garlic powder, though.

                                  more kidney beans and sweet potato over raw broccoli.

   Snowy vegan carrot-raisin cookies at the Union Square Farmer's market. Yes, I bought one.

                                                         Snowy but still going strong

Another Tofurky sandwich with cucumber slices, spinach, kraut, and mustard before heading out to THE WRONG SHOW! I went to a venue a full week before the bands I wanted to see were gonna play! Haha, but it was a cool night anyway - saw this mystical trio on a Twin Peaks-esque set playing lounge-y Psychic TV-type stuff. They lit incense and a candle and were mostly just synth and vocals. It was great but I can't figure out who they are!

 There is a person dressed all in white holding up the moons while the man in black croons.
                                                                      See you soon.