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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Punks in the Sun

more eating out: too much. Groceries soon.

                              chicken caesar wrap from Blossom. Better than I thought it'd be.

                        Usually I'm all over the coconut La Croix but this apricot one was good too.
Jarrod and I and a few of our friends went to the beach the other day!! Would you believe I haven't been to the beach in near 15 years?

The day was super hot, the water was wonderful. We only lacked for snacks...
Later, though, a snap thunderstorm  rolled through! While our friends were out getting food, Jarrod and I were shielding our eyes from sand whipping up, and chasing down rogue book pages and towels. Jarrod also took one last run into the water before we were shepherded off the beach.

                                                                      wild, right?

hung out with my friend J after work one night this week. We walked around and talked for a while, and eventually ended up at Terri, where I had never been! He bought a tiny apple pie. It was pretty good, a little dry maybe. He also got a wrap and a sandwich, I tasted the sandwich, a fish filet, but didn't get a picture. The one bite I had was pretty good, though I think as he ate more of it, he enjoyed it less.

breakfast oat jar, minus the milk. oats, coconut flakes, chia seeds, almonds, frozen blueberries, strawberry jam. almond milk later.

  finally whipped something up: sauteed garlicky kale and mushrooms, over lentils, with hummus.
On Saturday, I took the day off for a Doctor Know (from Bad Brains) benefit show in Tompkins Square Park with a bunch of old school New York hardcore bands: Antidote, Breakdown, maximum Penalty, Cro-mags, and Token Entry!! Oh man it was so amazing.

                                                                      Jarrod's shirt

                                                 Antidote!! From fuckin' Queens, kid!!

I don't often drink but I made this excuse... getting in the pit, in the sun, owning the Lower East Side, and pretending it was the early 80s again. Plus this show was good decompression, as it has been a hell of a few days - there was some apartment bullshit with my roommate so I feel the pain of Vegan Peace, who was evicted and is only trying find a place to get her cats back. There is a GoFundme page for her here. Help if you can, or share the news. It's an unenviable spot to be in.
Back to oatmeal bowls the next morning, though...

   same as always - oats, coconut flakes, chia, jam, frozen blueberries, almonds. Iced coffee.

and a bike ride lead me to picking up this kale sushi as fortitude under the sun and in the sweat.
Hope you guys are well. Again, with the roommate gone, I'll be a little more comfortable in my own apartment so more homemade meals will be back soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Eating Out x3

Have NOT been great about making my own food lately. But let's start with one meal I prepared:

and a pretty good one. spaghetti, broccoli, mushrooms in a tahini-miso sauce with red pepper flakes, garlic, sesame oil, and ginger. only thing is, next time I'd saute the mushrooms first but this was quick.

 WF salad bar lunches have been typical this week. Soy nuggets, steamed kale, roasted squash, tomatoes, tahini sauce.

              saw Ghostbusters with a friend, drank this peach flavored seltzer on the way home.
Jarrod's parents visited for a day; we met them at Champs.

    For me, a French toast slam with scramble, tempeh bacon, hash browns, and veggie links.

                                              Jarrod got a country-fried seitan sandwich.
We went down to Brooklyn Bridge Park to catch a ferry out to Governor's Island, on which the Parks Department is re-building.

Really nice day all around, I think. It was nice to meet them and a beautiful day (if a little hot)
Jarrod and I were starved after walking around all day and headed to Toad Style for dinner afterwards.

                                                          he got the cheeseburger

I finally got the bahn mi that he usually gets and raves about. The filling is fried mushrooms! It's really good.
That's all for now. more summer outings to come.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Clafoutis and other baking

It being Bastille Day, it's only fitting that I share the pictures of the clafoutis I baked the other day. my roommate was out of town so I celebrated having the apartment to myself by holing up in a hot kitchen with the oven on for 2 days straight.

                         pitting cherries by hand. An arduous yet ultimately worthwhile task.

baked. I used the Urban Vegan recipe, as it's the only one I've ever seen, and probably the only one I'll ever need. Surprisingly simple to throw together, minus the cherry pitting, although Dynise says you can use other fruits. Cherry is traditional, however, and I've been eating tons of them recently.

The clafoutis is fairly mushy inside at first, despite having slightly burned the top, but it firms up as the days pass. I like this texture a little better.

Jarrod and I shared the clafoutis after we made a healthy dinner, of course. Rice alongside a saute of broccoli, mushrooms, chickpeas, Field Roast Italian sausage, and scallions.

                                                       a man and his coconut La Croix

another day another baked good. These were veganized coffee-blueberry muffins. They came out very nice and light, not too sweet. I'd add more blueberries next time.

 Lunches this week have been very sad and no-frills salads. Instead, here's a rogue photo of the Buffalo Chick'n wrap from Blossom that I ate last week.

                                          a new brand of chocolate cup? Don't mind if I do.

I also finished a new zine in between all the eating. This one actually came together fairly quickly, as Jarrod wrote a big piece for it about his experience staying vegan while in prison. An all-around pretty good issue, if I do say so myself. Stay cool, kids.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Salads & more Screamers Pizza

Kale salads:

                            kale, shredded carrot, tomato, onion, avocado, nooch, chickpeas

                                             same as above, plus beet-horseradish hummus

                                    banana, acai, spinach, almond milk, lemon juice + rind

by mid-week I'd run out of prepared lunches. Luckily I ran into Jarrod on the street and we went to Little Atlas. This is artichoke, vegan chick, and roasted red peppers.
Friday night we went to see Purge: The Election Year (reccommended!!!) and biked up to Screamer's afterwards:

                                    my slices: buffalo cauliflower, vegan ham & pineapple

                                             J's spicy pesto with seitan, and a buffalo slice

Jarrod also dropped by one afternoon to give me cookies because he is the best. These were Divvies' oatmeal cookie cream sandwiches. They were good but super sweet. He had one, I had one, and I gave the last to a friend at work. Thank you Jarrod. HOW WILL I EVER REPAY YOU??

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Queens Museum and Screamers!!!

Breakfast, earlyish but filling enough to fuel a full day.

oats, coconut, goji berries, bananas, chia seeds, almonds, almond milk. Ice coffee, also with almond milk
Met Jarrod in Long Island City early afternoon so we could take the 7 train together out to the Queens museum. We were both a bit hungry and knew eating in that neighborhood would be easier than out in Flushing Meadows. Stopped at Court Square diner, which is pretty basic but right next to the train and inexpensive.

Tossed salad - onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, olives. I wanted fresh vegetables and this is what they had. I ain't that picky.

side of fries that J and I shared. He ordered a veggie burger, which came very, very unadorned. But it did the job.

               Jarrod in front of the Unisphere. This whole park was built for the 1939 World's Fair.
The Queens museum currently has a Ramones exhibit. It's up until the end of the month! Pretty cool stuff, and worth a visit for sure.

This was a different part of the museum; it's Dia de los Muertos decorated faces of people killed by the police. The tall Mexican religious candles along the bottom are all marked Evidence.

We jumped on the train back and got off in Greenpoint, having heard the RUCKUS about the new all-vegan pizza joint, Screamers. It's owned by the same people who do Blackbird in Philly but for some reason I wasn't impressed with the pizza I saw there. These slices look so much fresher and more inventive. Yes, they do use Daiya.

Jarrod got the special Buffalo chicken slice in the front, I got the white slice (broccoli rabe and carmelized onions, are you kidding??)

J also got a slice of the Supreme. Everything was mucho mucho bueno. Kinda expensive? maybe? Buttttt whatever?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cats & Cake for the 4th

My friend Erica invited Jarrod and I and one of her other friends over for the 4th of July. We went to yoga in the morning, opting for that over the beach, and biked to her place. We settled in quickly with her accommodating cats.

This is Baba Yaga, her hairless cat, on Jarrod. She snuggles a lot because without fur she gets cold pretty easily.
                                               This is little Cleo, she's a sweetie and so small.
Jarrod and I brought juice, sparkling cider, and chips but Erica provided the majority of the delicious food (and seltzer.)

burger on a bun with avocado, tomato, mustard, and a vegan nacho cheese sauce her friend had made that was awesome with some guacamole flavored corn chips. Steamed beets on the side. I also had half a Field Roast frankfurter with relish and mustard, no bun...

                                                                       Cleo sniffin

                                                    Baba Yaga snuggling on my lap this time

Erica also bought a Klein's (kosher/parve) vegan ice cream cake!!! I wish I'd gotten a picture before it was cut because there were mini ice cream cones on top. It was adorable. And it tasted really good! It's obviously been forever since I've had an ice cream cake but this was super legit.
Thank you thank you Erica.

matching the cake, this doesn't actually sound vegan. Although maybe it's evocative of dumpstered soy milk? Anyway, this really moving collection of poetry is what I am reading right now...